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Living Lean

“I would like to eat Chocolate, Fast Food, or just munch in general but, I want and deserve to enjoy life spending time with Sophie & Spencer (twin grandchildren) looking and feeling good.

Hello my name is Shelia Lunsford and the statement above summarizes how my life has changed due to my participation in the Living Lean program. A little over two years ago I weighed 225 pounds and wore a size 22. Today I weigh 150 pounds and wear a size 8. I eat a healthy well balanced diet and I exercise regularly. I am very proud of my results and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. I will never be obese again. I hope by sharing my story I can help inspire someone else to “get a life” as I did. The first step to my success was I had to realize that I wanted and deserved to be healthy and happy. The Living Lean program changed my life forever. My best advice to anyone starting the program is to really pay attention to the lessons and participate actively. The program heals the body, mind and spirit…it is not a diet but a life style change ”.

Shelia K. Lunsford

Living lean has helped me soooo much. I started out with an open mind but a small part thought I could never get rid of the sweets. I no longer eat sweets, any kind. I have no cravings for them at all anymore. I cannot believe how well I feel and confident. I love how free I feel. Since Sep 7th I have lost 59 lbs. and have gone down a size or two. My husband just started and is also losing weight (in three weeks he has lost 15 lbs.) and looking better. Thank you once again and looking forward to the real talk sessions.


“Living lean means so much to me and my family because I just finished going through the program for the first time and am excited to go through it again in a couple of weeks!! I cannot believe how much I learned about how to make good nutritional choices, how to read nutritional labels on food and products & how to break myself of the “Lardy” lifestyle. Not only did I learn a lot, I also lost 14 lbs. in 8 weeks!! I'm so excited for swimsuit season to get here so I can show off my confidence & pride in my new figure!!

Living lean is clearly the best in the nation and I’m proud to call myself an Ex-Muncher!


Nancy A. Assenga

Living Free

“Thank you LivingFree. I smoked for over 40 years and now I don’t. I have attempted to stop smoking literally hundreds of times. Sometimes I lasted an hour and sometimes a day. I have always known all the reasons to quit but you showed me a different way. Which set me FREE.”

Butch Canfield

“I give a 5-star rating to SelfHelpWorks LivingFree for Smokers. I was skeptical that an online education training and support program to stop smoking would help me quit. Not only was I proved wrong, I found I looked forward to sitting down in front of my computer to listen to Louis Ryan. He addressed the smoking addiction with candor and truthfulness, and taught me the skills to cut the emotional connection to cigarettes.”

Patti Bosworth

Living Smart

“After 30 years of social drinking, I never thought it would be so easy to leave my old friend behind or how different my life would be. I sleep better…and have the energy of a teenager. My wife loves the new me as much as I do.”

Art Schwartz, Company Coach Executive

"SelfHelpWorks was the tool I needed to become more productive, have more energy, and improve my family relationships. Alcohol often gave me the excuse to be lazy with my family, work, and charitable relationships. SelfHelpWorks claimed I wouldn't "care" about alcohol after their program. They were correct! I no longer crave alcohol, or feel I "deserve" a drink. Since taking the program my life has become less guilt ridden and more fulfilling. Impressed by my results, my wife has taken the healthy eating class with the same impressive results. I recommend this program to anyone interested in gaining back control of their life."


Living Easy

“I took the online program to relieve stress as I recently took on a new job, moved and seemed to be worrying about anything and everything. I found out about the program through my HealthyLiving Health Coach who directed me to the program because one of my focus areas was "stressing less". While I was skeptical of the program's outcomes at first, I was very pleased with the online course and would certainly recommend it to others! Because it was self-directed, I was able to complete at a pace convenient to my busy work schedule. It contained simplified messages, reinforcement and allowed me to think of my life situations in a new, more positive light. The biggest lesson I took from the course was not to spend time worrying about situations beyond my control. I tended to internalize, and worry, about many things that in the end I was not able to influence. I would worry about other people's situations and would over-analyze mine. I appreciate the tools I received from the online course and have certainly been able to manage stress effectively since completing the program.”

Kelly Dolan

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