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Controlling alcohol consumption can be difficult because the dependency is complex - it's far more than just physical. If you drink on a regular basis it may be difficult to imagine what it's like to live as a person who doesn't drink. The thought of not drinking can be perceived as giving up an old friend or of being deprived of something really important.

Alcohol may be connected to many parts of your life - like happy hour, winding down, dinner, parties, sporting events, and so on. The thought of not drinking in those situations, or drinking less, can be hard to imagine. But the truth is that a person who has never started drinking doesn't miss it, and after completing LivingSmart you won't miss drinking either.

That's because LivingSmart uses a powerful evidence-based process known as Structured Cognitive Behavioral Training (SCBT) tobreak down and replace the self-defeating beliefs and thought patterns at the root of alcohol dependency. This process will help you eliminate the urge to drink alcohol, replacing it with feelings of pride, confidence and control.

LivingSmart isn't like anything you've tried before. Simply by watching the videos and completing the interactive quizzes and easy assignments, LivingSmart enable you to permanently change your relationship with alcohol. It will empower you to make rational rather than emotional decisions about what, where, when and how much to drink.

And while LivingSmart is designed to create habits and patterns that support living healthy and smart, whether your goal is to stop drinking altogether or simply cut down, you will learn how to do that as well.

LivingSmart consists of 12 online videos along with quizzes, useful exercises and other support tools and activities. During the course you will:

  • Uncover the disempowering beliefs and resulting emotions that lead to drinking urges;
  • Start feeling differently about drinking, your health, and the possibilities that are available to you by changing your relationship with alcohol;
  • Discover the many ways your mind tricks you and affects you emotionally and physically to keep you drinking;
  • Implement a simple yet powerful process designed to permanently end alcohol cravings;
  • Learn to make rational choices in the midst of stress, boredom etc. without resorting to alcohol as a solution;
  • Learn to eliminate the psychological blocks that have kept you from quitting alcohol in the past;
  • Learn how to master your thinking, thereby changing your emotional relationship with alcohol and actually turning the limitation of alcohol use into a positive experience;
  • Complete practical exercises that integrate your newfound knowledge and skills into your day-to-day life;
  • Learn to reduce or stop drinking permanently… without feeling deprived, denied, or missing their old way of life.

The bottom line is that LivingSmart will enable you to break free of alcohol dependence forever if you choose … without feeling anxious, and without the need for willpower. It comes with a full 90-day satisfaction guarantee so there's really nothing to lose except the urge to drink … try it now, and see for yourself!

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