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LivingSmart: Learn to control your drinking
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Make Clarity, Energy, and Intimacy…Your Way of Life

Controlling alcohol consumption can be difficult because the dependency is complex. If you drink on a regular basis it may be difficult to imagine what it's like to live as a person who doesn't drink. The thought of not drinking can be perceived as giving up an old friend or of being deprived of something really important. For many of us alcohol is connected to many parts of our lives like happy hour, winding down, dinner, parties, sporting events, and so on. The thought of not drinking in those situations or drinking less can be hard to imagine.

The truth is, a person who has never started drinking doesn't miss it, and you won't either after the LivingSmart™ Program. We use a proven process called Structured Cognitive Training that will enable you to permanently change your relationship with alcohol.

Living Smart™ helps individuals break unhealthy drinking habits. It empowers participants to make rational rather than emotional decisions about what, where, when and how much to drink. While it is designed to create habits and patterns that support living healthy and smart, if their goal is to stop drinking, they learn how to do that as well in this four week cognitive training.

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