Living Lean


Do cravings for certain foods stop your weight management efforts?

Is it a struggle to control your eating habits?

Now you can lose weight and live lean permanently… without ever having to go on a diet… and without the use of willpower!

That's because LivingLean is very different from anything you've seen before… it's a unique, evidence-based online coaching course designed to end food cravings and unhealthy eating habits-permanently. It does this by helping you break down and replace the subconscious beliefs and thoughts that are causing you to struggle with the 'problem' foods and unhealthy eating patterns that sabotage your weight loss efforts.

In other words, LivingLean is a transformational training that will put you back in control of what, when and how much you eat, allowing you to live each moment in favor of health, vitality, and pride… for the rest of your life.

Our Philosophy:

  • Your stomach is not the cause of your weight problems, it’s your mind.
  • Cognitive behavioral change is essential for permanent change and possible for any individual.
  • Lap bands, crash diets, or supplement can't fix your weight problem for long term and will always leave you feeling guilty, frustrated, and unsatisfied with your results.

Unlike typical weight management programs, LivingLean attacks the root of the problem by literally transforming the way you think and feel about food and how you eat. And it uses a simple step-by-step training process is both empowering and easy to follow.

What to Expect:

LivingLean consists of 14 captivating online video sessions along with interactive quizzes, useful exercises and other support tools and activities. During the course, you will:

  • Uncover the disempowering beliefs and resulting emotions that lead to detrimental eating behaviors;
  • Start seeing and feeling differently about food, their health, and the possibilities that are available to you through living a healthy lifestyle;
  • Discover the many ways your mind tricks you to keep you eating for comfort rather than health;
  • Implement a simple yet powerful process designed to permanently end food cravings;
  • Learn to remain powerful and make rational choices in the midst of stress, boredom etc. without resorting to food as a solution;
  • Eliminate the psychological blocks that have kept you from succeeding in the past;
  • Learn how to master your thinking, turning the process of losing weight into a positive experience;
  • Complete practical exercises that integrate your newfound knowledge and skills into your day-to-day life;

The bottom line is that LivingLean will enable you to break free of food cravings and unhealthy eating patterns forever if you choose  without feeling deprived or denied, and without the need for willpower. And it comes with a full 90-day satisfaction guarantee so there's really nothing to lose except those extra pounds. Try it now, and see for yourself!

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