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“I took the online program to relieve stress as I recently took on a new job, moved and seemed to be worrying about anything and everything. I found out about the program through my HealthyLiving Health Coach who directed me to the program because one of my focus areas was "stressing less". While I was skeptical of the program's outcomes at first, I was very pleased with the online course and would certainly recommend it to others! Because it was self-directed, I was able to complete at a pace convenient to my busy work schedule. It contained simplified messages, reinforcement and allowed me to think of my life situations in a new, more positive light. The biggest lesson I took from the course was not to spend time worrying about situations beyond my control. I tended to internalize, and worry, about many things that in the end I was not able to influence. I would worry about other people's situations and would over-analyze mine. I appreciate the tools I received from the online course and have certainly been able to manage stress effectively since completing the program.”

Kelly Dolan

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